Rescue Tale: Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown was one of the set of three brown tabby “FIV Guys” who were living at the shelter about two years ago when I first started volunteering.

Charlie Brown in his new home

Charlie Brown in his new home

I coined the term “Charlie Browned” after this guy because every time I visited the FIV room, I would come out with the bottoms of my pants caked with Charlie fur. An example of proper usage of this term includes “Aww man, I got Charlie Browned again!” Little Sid (pictured in the banner) has been known as a Charlie Browner, only with him it’s even worse because he’s black and white, so no matter what you’re wearing, you’re doomed.

We recently received a story from Charlie Brown’s new family, a heartwarming tale which we just can’t keep to ourselves:


Just had to send a new picture and a note on Charlie Brown. We had adopted him in 2007. He’s still the most wonderful cat in the world and we love him!

A great story though — I had surgery in November, and everything went fine. But the day before I  ame home, Charlie started insisting that he sit WITH Shawn. Now, he’s NEVER done this, never wanted  to sit with us before since we’ve had him. When I came home from the hospital, as soon as I was settled on the sofa with a blanket, there he was, staking out his claim on my lap. AND that’s where he stayed. And ever since, if we’re on the sofa or sitting in the rocking chair he has to be there too. I am convinced he knew I was sick and that we needed extra care from him and he was there to give it.

Thank you all for your great work!

Thank YOU, Charlie Brown’s new family, for giving him a home in which he’s obviously loved and happy!

Charlie Brown enjoys lounging on some nice carpet

Charlie Brown enjoys lounging on some nice carpet

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