Thank You to All Who Gave to the Max

Despite the crash of the Give to the Max web site for several hours, Feline Rescue’s people, as of 11:43 PM on November 14, had raised $16,817 for the cats. We ranked #19 on the Medium Non Profit Leader Board and had over 337 donors. When the final totals come in, it looks like we’ll do better than we did last year – despite the site’s crash.

The cats thank their awesome digital media team – Joan Barrett, Karen Dulski, Alissa Heinonen, and Angela Scaletta – for working through the crash. The cats promise not to spend the money on cartons of lab rats.
Shortstop and Sabrina

For some reason, current shelter guests Shortstop and Sabrina are much more interested in each other than in all this fancy people news.

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