Weather Cooperated for Fabulous Feral Cat House Challenge!

Feline Rescue’s Fabulous Feral Cat House Challenge and Food Drive on Sunday, October 27, honored feral cats as they should be honored. People brought several different styles of warm winter houses, including one that people without carpentry skills can buy. Some people made houses on site. Donna Bolte and Sue Knoblauch demonstrated how it’s done.




In keeping with the theme of good lives for community cats, the MNSNAP (Minnesota Spay-Neuter Assistance Program) mobile hospital was on hand, spaying and neutering both community cats and cats who live with people of limited income. People also brought food donations for feral cat colonies.

Feline Rescue offered visitors its own educational materials, as well as those of the national Alley Cat Allies that originated National Feral Cat Day held mid-October every year. Feline Rescue, MNSNAP, and Alley Cat Allies all have the common goal of helping people and community cats live together peacefully.



Molly Rosenberg and Sue Knoblauch organized the Fabulous Feral Cat House Challenge and Food Drive. Here, Molly — above — talks cats with Vickie Lachelt, coordinator of FR’s Outreach program. Molly and others from Outreach also, for Feral Cat Day, distributed educational information about cats and cat care in certain Saint Paul neighborhoods.

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3 comments on “Weather Cooperated for Fabulous Feral Cat House Challenge!
  1. Liz Sorg says:

    The city of Claremont has a feral cat issue and are looking for a way to either fix the cats and release them or get them a home. Can you help us? Can you give me information for any organization that might be able to help us?

  2. Alisha says:

    Hey! My daughter and I made the big one with the Angry Birds tape and bricks on top. I hope it made a kitty warm this past winter!

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