Purchase of New Building

By now many of you have heard the news about our purchase of 600 Fairview, located across the street from our current home at 593 Fairview Avenue in St Paul. One day, it had a For Sale sign out front, and Feline Rescue’s board decided to check it out. Now it’s ours, and there’s a lot of buzz in the air. Everyone has many questions and many ideas. And nothing happens as quickly as we imagine it will.

We need to do a lot of planning and preparation to make this the right space for all of Feline Rescue’s programs. We’ll need the plumbing updated so we have water in the areas where cats may be housed. We’ll also need to replace the existing carpeted floors with something that can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

We know that everyone who is part of Feline Rescue has burning questions. The honest answer to most questions is, “We don’t know yet.” If you’ve ever built a new home, bought a new home, or just moved from one place to another, you know that all of the decisions get made over several months – and that they’re made in stages.

So, if you have ideas, visions, or just want to connect over the next few months, please email us at board@felinerescue.org or email any of the board members individually. If you see one of us at the shelter, please tell us you have some thoughts.

We’ll have more bulletins and communications as plans develop. These are exciting times, and we are all in this together.The future is here, and it belongs to our cats.

Alden B. Drew
Chair, Board of Directors
Feline Rescue

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2 comments on “Purchase of New Building
  1. Jenni Charrier says:

    Perhaps you might have some event days where people who have renovation/building skills can donate their time and help improve the property to prepare it for the cats…?

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