Alumni News: Charlie and Trinket

Feline Rescue thinks the best way for you to get a feel for the work of the organization and it’s many dedicated volunteers is by letting our adopters (and their cats!) tell their own success stories.

Today we hear from Jessica, who took home Charlie & Trinket in October! (Editor’s note: Charlie and Trinket were rescued by Feline Rescue outreach program volunteers from a foreclosed home where more than 65 cats were found alone and starving last year. They are just two of the many happy endings that resulted from the rescue effort!)

Charlie and Trinket

My little family of six — me, Papa Chris, big brother Tyler, little brother Sam, and Speedy & Sunny (my grandbaby gerbils) — have had the honor of adopting, caring for and loving with kindness, gentleness and patience Ms. Trinket and her big brother Charlie. The first few weeks they were under our bed and only came out at night to eat. We all went to them to say “hello, we are here and we just want to love you and play with you!” Soon Charlie would come play and eat during the day, and [now] finally runs to us when he wants his full body massage head to tail. It excites me to watch! Charlie is a very happy young kitty; he waves his tail all the time. Trinket sat back for two months; she walked alongside her brother but kept her distance with us — always having an eye on us! Finally, right before Christmas, a miracle [happened] and Ms. Trinket received her first full body grooming with her own pink brush!!!!!


[These] once very shy and scared kitties have turned into family snugglers, ready at all times to play with their toys and [get] daily massages and grooming. They … run to us when it’s dinner time and finally have ventured out to the rest of the house to join their family! Including at night time [when] they go watch their lil furry friends play in their cages and run their wheels! Charlie has turned into a lion and acts like one with courage and pride! Princess Trinket (name fits her to a “T”) is newly out of her shell; she has a lot of catching up to do with her brother and she does it with high energy from 2-6 am and again from 3 to 10 pm. We babied her every step of the way and showed her we weren’t giving up on her. [Recently] we officially moved their cat house out to the living room!! We have gained their love, loyalty, and trust. It has been one of my greatest challenges, yet rewarding experience ever with parenting kittens.

Thank you so much for allowing then to find us.


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2 comments on “Alumni News: Charlie and Trinket
  1. Nina Lott says:

    People who step up and open their homes and lives to the sweet little souls who just need someone to love and care for them teach others real unconditional love and compassion. Thank you for sharing.

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