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Feline Rescue thinks the best way for you to get a feel for the work of the organization and it’s many dedicated volunteers is by letting our adopters (and their cats!) tell their own success stories.

Today we hear from Catherine and Jana, who adopted Mysty and Mica (now Ma’at and Shu) as kittens five years ago!


Littermates Ma’at and Shu (formerly known as Mysty and Mica) came to live with us in May of 2009 when they were 4 weeks old. They’d had an adventurous life before we met them: the two of them and their brother were rescued from a hollow tree that was being sectioned. Feline Rescue was able to save them and their mother and get them all fostered. … [O]once we met them, we adopted them both since they were so obviously attached to one another.

Ma’at and Shu are gorgeous smoky Egyptian Mau mixes, and are, to borrow a phrase from a cat breed website, “a lot of cat.” :-) They are incredibly loving to the two of us and are very inquisitive, particularly about new people. They are the only cats we’re ever had that will meet new people at the door so they can check them out. Playtime is only interrupted for naps and snuggles. Shu enjoys a good game of fetch and will retrieve his favorite toys from under furniture and from the toy box and bring them over to be tossed, while Ma’at prefers string and the laser pointer. Both of them enjoy inventing new games with the things they find around the house, which can be very exciting for us. They do have some minor health problems, including an allergy to chicken (we feed them raw meat) and some respiratory problems, but these certainly don’t slow them down much. We feel incredibly lucky to have adopted them and want to extend a huge thank you to Feline Rescue and to their kitty foster mom, Linda, for doing such a great job with them.

–Catherine and Jana

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One comment on “Alumni News – Ma’at & Shu
  1. Margaret Owen Thorpe says:

    What handsome kitties! Not sure who is who, but the one on the left clearly has the “I am wise, and I miss nothing” look. Very huggable!

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