I Am the Reason

I am the reason for Feline Rescue. I am Miss Electra. I’m almost two years old. I need all nine lives because I have so much to sniff and poke and enjoy.

Miss Electra Finds Human Makes Good Bed - At Shelter

I am the reason for Feline Rescue. I’m playful and cute and all good cat stuff – but – I am blind – born with tiny eyes that don’t work. Worse, I picked up the FIV, possibly from my mom. Come carefully to me because I can’t see you. I’d like you to hold me, but it scares me when I’m picked up because I can’t see where I’m going – or with whom – or why.

I am the reason for Feline Rescue. Someone found me out walking. I’d kept myself alive. Some cat friends shared food. I wasn’t pretty. The person who found me said I was scrawny and dirty and bewildered. Too true.

I’m the reason for Feline Rescue. My finder called Feline Rescue straight away. She said, “I found a little black and white girl, more black than white, and it’s so sad – she can’t see.” Feline Rescue said, “She’s our reason for being; please bring her over.” I ate heartily. I saw a veterinarian. That’s when I heard about the FIV. I saw an eye specialist. He said, “This little girl’s eyes were born this way. But – she’s got a great sense of smell, and she feels with her tiny feet.”

Me – an ugly cat duckling with FIV who couldn’t see. I moved into the FIV suite at Feline Rescue’s adoption center. I joined some guy cats. They washed my head. I washed their heads. Great! This works! We have food!

Miss Electra Plays With Toy

I move fine. I jump on toys. I feel motion. My feet are fast. I use my nose and whiskers. I love crinkle toys. I grab them and kick with my back feet. I kept my toys in one box so I could find them. At least I did until Mufasa, the orange dude, flipped my box over. He won some money for his cutesy picture; we FIV folks got some fun new toys. I’m mostly self-taught – and – I’m happy!

No white cane – just white feet. No service dog, either. But the idea of a spirited girl cat being guided around by a big chocolate lab amuses me. I could ride his back! That’s Miss Electra’s story – all of the truth that I know – except for one thing: after I’d been with my guys for almost a year, Jenna came and adopted me! I have a home! And people tell me I’ve become a graceful black and white cat swan.

Miss Electra With Jenna, Her Forever Person

Miss Electra: the reason for Feline Rescue. I can’t see my pictures, but I hear they’re attached. Jenna said, “She’s the most curious blind cat I’ve ever seen! She doesn’t even hesitate to climb the ladder to my loft bed (which she regrets, but always does again anyway) or spring after the sound of my footsteps when I come home. Love her to pieces!”

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4 comments on “I Am the Reason
  1. Alissa says:

    I wanted to take her home with me so badly but I already have a non-FIV cat here. I’m so glad Miss Electra found a good home-she deserves it!

  2. Kate says:

    What a wonderful story!
    Miss Electra must have a guardian kitten watching over her! Made me wonder if I could ever care for such a cat. I think it would be a blessing.

  3. Pamela Niska says:

    Congrats to Jenna for finding such a wonderful cat!! I adopted a blind kitten from another rescue group…AHS was going to put her down as they didn’t think anyone would adopt her….then she was rescued. She looks just like Miss Electra and I call her “Goose” as she makes honking noised exploring our house. We have other cats and dogs and Goose enjoys her time with all of them! She is a very loving little girl and I HIGHLY encourage anyone reading this to adopt a special needs cat – you’ll be very, VERY HAPPY you did!!!

  4. Jennifer Padelford says:

    All cats are angels to me that daily teach me and remind me of my many blessings. What courage strength and beauty Little Miss Electra shows me. What a loving heart.

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