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Feline Rescue thinks the best way for you to get a feel for the work of the organization and it’s many dedicated volunteers is by letting our adopters (and their cats!) tell their own success stories.

Today we hear from Alex and Jenna, who adopted Bootsy (now Harvey) two months ago!



[We] adopted Bootsy in early April. … First of all, we changed Bootsy’s name to Harvey. Even though Bootsy is a cute name, we think Harvey is a name that is very suitable for the cat’s temperament. He is a very clever, mischievous cat who always finds ways to get himself in trouble. For example, within 5 minutes of coming to his new home, he tore the plastic window insulation off the window in his room. His love of plastic has endured, as we are unable to keep any plastic bags within cat reach without him wanting to lick/claw/bite them. He keeps us on our toes, demanding constant vigilance to ensure he does not harm himself with a plastic substance. Plus, it encourages us to be more tidy.

He also loves climbing on surfaces our other cat (who has lived with us for five years) knows is forbidden territory. It’s a losing battle with Harvey, so he has taken over all the vertical spaces in our apartment. His favorite toys are the cat tube/tunnel (which we noticed he really enjoyed while living at the shelter… so we bought him one!) and a shoe lace which he carries around the apartment with him. The water squirt bottle and Harvey are well-acquainted, but not just in the way you would expect. Harvey enjoys gnawing on the trigger and nozzle of the bottle. It is pockmarked from his biting. In fact, he has an affinity for water which we think is very peculiar. We call him “the tub monster” because he always loves jumping into the bath tub. He comes out wet and he loves it! On more than one occasion he jumped in the bath tub while the shower was running. He is not afraid of getting wet. He shakes the water off his coat like a dog would!

Harvey has become a fast friend of Calvin, our older cat. They are now brothers and cannot live without the other! We kept them separated at first, because we didn’t know how Calvin would react to Harvey — Calvin was always an only cat. But within a week they were sprinting up and down the length of our apartment, playfully wrestling each other and grooming each other! Now they love to snuggle next to each other in their beds on the bottom shelf of our butcher block table as we prepare dinner in our kitchen. But Harvey also loves to annoy Calvin by walking on him while he sleeps under blankets. Harvey also likes to annoy [us] by using the same tactic to wake us at 4:00 a.m. every morning!

But we love Harvey so much! He is such a sweet, cuddly kitty that loves to be petted and soaks up attention like a sponge! He is also the most smiley cat I’ve ever met! He basks in our affection! He is such a purr-baby while mixing tons and tons of biscuits with his kneading paws. He is a constant source of entertainment in our house with his never-ending naughtiness, his clumsiness and his playfulness. It has been an adjustment getting accustomed to Harvey’s precociousness. He is very intelligent, and requires the implementation of a second degree of cat-proofing to minimize the trouble he finds for himself. But he is worth the effort because he’s a very special cat! …

Thanks for facilitating our adoption of this wonderful cat!

–Alex and Jenna

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2 comments on “Alumni News – Bootsy
  1. Margaret Owen Thorpe says:

    Yep – sounds like he fessed up his real name to his people! That means you’re his forever people, for sure. Harvey – oh, he was very Harvey, even at the shelter. Clever, creative, wild. Congratulations to you, you sassy guy – you found your place – and folks who appreciate cat mischief! Good work, Harvey.

  2. jillian says:

    So happy to hear another kitty has found his forever home!

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