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Feline Rescue thinks the best way for you to get a feel for the work of the organization and it’s many dedicated volunteers is by letting our adopters (and their cats!) tell their own success stories.

Today we hear from Michelle, who adopted Kelsier and Isabela (formerly Borris & Natasha) from our foster system in November 2011!



Kelsier and Isabela (formerly Borris and Natasha) were adopted from a foster home just after Thanksgiving in 2011. My understanding is that FR thought they were about six months old. Isabela was clearly the more social of the two kitties at the time, as she wanted to come and play with us right away. Kelsier took a little more persuasion. Now, at nearly three years of age, they are both spoiled utterly rotten and seem very happy. They still get along really well, and it’s not unusual to find them snuggled up together asleep.

Isabela likes water, and will get right into the shower with you if there’s room to stand out of direct spray. Kelsier plays with water out of the tap and loves his laser pointer.

Joan [Barrett, with FR’s foster system] told us that Kel and Isy were on the fast track to be euthanized when she initially found them. (I don’t recall which shelter, but clearly they were about to put down two very adoptable kittens – which is a tragedy.) We’re thankful that she found them when she did and that Feline Rescue gave them a second chance at adoption. In fact, Kelsier is named after a book character who survived a terrible trial and was known as “The Survivor.” I don’t remember their foster’s name, but he was fantastic with them, and they came to us clearly well-socialized with other cats. This was a big help — their elderly “Uncle” Xerxes, who had just lost his sister — was dubious at first. Isabela won him over and often snuggled with him. Kelsier never did become best friends with Xerxes, but they did get along well most of the time (when Kel wasn’t being a giant troll).

They are absolutely wonderful kitties!


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