Thank You to the Max!

Thanks to all of you, Give to the Max Day  raised $29,838.54 for the cats. Zowee! Meowee! That’s a good $12,000 more  than we raised last year! Meowee! “The Max”, aka Auburn, thanks you! Feline  Rescue thanks the anonymous donor who provided a $5,000 match. We also thank  all the cats who gave our Facebook page permission to use their pictures.  We know that the cats really raise their own funds, just because they’re cute and lovable and, sometimes, looking sad. We humans will be buying food  and litter and warm beds. Thank you, CATS!!


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3 comments on “Thank You to the Max!
  1. Ed Andrews says:

    The effort that is made to help these Cats and Kittens are worth every penny!

  2. neela says:

    i wish you’d include your phone no…..we’ve trapped two absolutlely gorgeous long haired kittens that need a little socializing ….only a little.
    who has them are releasing them. I dont believe one will make it thru the winter.
    it would have been great to contact a live person to see if you could foster them…while i find a more permenant home….since re trapping will be almost impossible.

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