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Feline Rescue thinks the best way for you to get a feel for the work of the organization and it’s many dedicated volunteers is by letting our adopters (and their cats!) tell their own success stories.

Today we hear from Kathleen, who adopted Punky and Louie last summer!


I went to Feline Rescue on June 13th to visit with cats.  I had just lost my dear Sweetie Pie to renal failure a few days earlier and wanted to be near cats because I missed her so much. I had adopted her, an older cat, just four years earlier from the shelter.

I left with two cats — Punky and (Big) Louie.  They were buddies and isolated due to their FIV-positive status.  They had been residents of the shelter for almost a year.  I was told that they were sweet cats, but my instincts said they were stinkers.  Turns out one is sweet and one is a stinker.  I love them both, but the transition was not easy.


We now know each other quite well and have survived a move that brought them closer to street action.  We moved from a 25th floor apartment to a 6th floor apartment, where they have more windows and more perspectives on the world.  The windows have deep wells where I hope they perch when I’m away, but when I’m home, they are always nearby — sometimes to cuddle, sometimes to play and sometimes to ensure that I don’t forget to feed them (I never have!).  They are both males and about 2-3 years old — much more active than my serene Sweetie Pie.

They let me sleep now, which I appreciate.  I suspect they only lounge on the kitchen counters now when I am away.  They make me laugh and they sometimes irritate me.  They always make me feel needed.  I can’t imagine what my life would be if they were still at the shelter.


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