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When Stevie Frisch was tasked with a project for his Bar Mitzvah, he knew just what to do. Inspired by his sister’s Bat Mitzvah project a couple of years earlier, Stevie made a huge pile of cat blankets and delivered them to Feline Rescue with a bag of toys last Saturday.

Donated Cat BlanketsStevie Making Cat Blankets

He brought his camera with him to film our cats and the result is sheer magic. Check out his video to get up close and personal with the cats of Feline Rescue!
Stevie’s Video

Videographer Stevie

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5 comments on “Special Donation and Video
  1. Margaret Owen Thorpe says:

    Great work, Stevie! I see the cats left lots of noseprints on your lens. Cats do that. I think they’re hoping it’s edible!

  2. Jennifer Padelford says:

    Great job!!! What a wonderful, thoughtful, heartfelt, thing to do. I so appreciate your hard and dedicated work. And may you always be blessed with the same love, tlc, and generosity of spirit you have shared with our feline friends.

  3. Elaine says:

    Very cool. Up close and personal. Thanks for sharing your video.

  4. Kristi Lynn says:

    Wow what a beautiful story. God does command us to Love animals. I am a huge Cat Lover and I believe that God has given animals to mankinds as secondary children to watch over and care for and love. G-d bless you Stevie!

  5. Liz the Claw Clipper says:

    That’s a great video, Stevie! Thanks for giving the cats such great support – your project (blankets and video) was a wonderful gift! Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah – as you’re growing up, I pray you’ll keep blessing the world with your gifts and talents!

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