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Alumni News -Bella Moon (Penne)

Bella 5 Rev

Bella is calico tabby mix with white, gray and reddish-orange coloring. She has a pink nose with gold eyes   Bella gets along great with people. We are really enjoying her. She leaped from a couple feet away into my

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June Cat Claw Clipping Clinics

Cat Claw Clipping

FREE Nail Clippings at the following Chuck and Don’s locations, plus… Learn why cats scratch Tips on nail clipping Information on the best scratching posts/surfaces For their safety, all cats MUST be transported in carriers. Chuck & Don’s Pet Food

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Alumni News -Coal (Fred) and Arabian (George)

coal arabian 2

These two fluffy boys are easy-going, good-natured sweeties.¬†They are definitely a bonded pair now, and love to hang out near me whenever they’re not playing. Fred loves to be held and petted, while George loves to play a lot and

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Alumni News -Peaches and Brownie (formerly Julia and Popea)


Thanks again to all of you for helping us adopt Peaches and Brownie (formerly Julia and Popea). Peaches is the mom and Brownie is the daughter. They love to rough house and then take naps together in the sunlight. They

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The Tippy Tuxies

Tipsy Tuxies

I met Calvin, Daisy and Rosie (The Tippy Tuxies) at their adoption photo shoot. My cat of 19 years, Kitty Wampus, who was also a tuxedo cat, had passed away a few days before. Photo days are like a kitten

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Chuck & Don’s Paw Print Fundraiser


$53,402.22! The check presentation from Chuck & Don’s 2016 Paw Print Fundraiser took place on March 15, 2017 at Chuck & Don’s corporate office. Feline Rescue, Ruff Start Rescue and Heading Home K-9 Rescue each received a check for $53,402.22!

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