Current Memorials and Dedications


Abby — Debbie Lewis
All of those who could not be saved despite the tireless dedication and extraordinary efforts of rescuers — Crystal Turner
Aziza — Bob Larson
Bailey — Jane Wiemerslage
Barbara Duquette — Marion Glasow
Barbara Duquette — Mary Ward
Barbara Duquette — Pamela Palan
Barbara Duquette — Elizabeth Elrod
BC — Wendy Armbrust
Betty & Ronnie — Diane Wussow
Betty Joyce — Her friends at HP Audiology
Betty, beautiful calico — Darla Monson
Big Cat — Jacquelyn Neibling
Bob Schroeder — Evangeline Schroeder
Bobby, my feisty gentleman — Karen Kitchen
Bobby: you are missed — Jane Kirkholm
Boo, our beloved orange girl — Danielle Kluz
Buddy — Roberta Espey
Buddy — Margaret Moritz
Buddy (Michael Nichols) — Lawrence & Karen Nichols
Buddy Cat — Michael Nichols
Buddy Nichols — Anonymous
Chloe, Cheddar, Trekker, Mariah & Mitzi — Dale & Sheila Olson
Claire — Theresa Garey & Dennis Lien
Clara — Douglas & Judy Bjork
Clarence Tuenge, and for Speckles, Gracie and Missy — James Tuenge
Claude, Trixie and Rosemary — Sherri Hildebrandt
Coco & Cleo — Leslie Stewart
Daughter — Ann Piepel
Diva & Elan — Lawrence & Sharon Mallery
Ellie — L&K Krohnfeldt
Ernest & Pumpkin — Pamela Lohse
Ernie, Momma Kitty’s baby — Jean Verkinderen
Fluffy — Jennifer Rodvold
Francesca — Celeste Raspanti
Fritz — Lisa Linnell
Garfield Lentz, a Feline Rescue cat — Elizabeth Lentz
George Hill — Diana Hill
Heidi, a quiet presence — Jeanne Torma
Hobo and Foxy — Anonymous
Jack Thomas Lindaman — Elizabeth Starling
Jakey — Linda Doeden
Janice Phinney — Leanne Phinney
Jasper, our beautiful, bright-eyed boy and Cindy Groslie — Robert Crabb
John Rolfe Eiesland — Constance Kratkze
John; Becky & Zach Lawyer’s cat Vicki — Jennifer Vickerman
Jonah Haapala — Rob & Barb Schaller
Judie A.C. Cilcain — David Cargo
Julie Koegl — Sarah Moore
Karri Lindamood — Wendy Deyo
Kitty Baby, Phantom, Smokie, TomBoy and Sam — Brenda Beckman
Lee Tillman & Baby — Lester Tillman
Leinie, 2005 – 2016 — William & Laticia Cook
Lexie & Buddy (David Woodard) — Peggy Meerse
Libby, our friend’s cat who lived to 21+ years — Cheryl Davidson
Lindsay, my Tortie — Robin Spence
Lucy, honor Gilly — Annie Schulze
Luella and Lloyd Peterson — Karen Peterson
Luna (Alice & Robert Sobsey) — Anita Sapp
MaMa & Morris — Sheila Blandford
Mandy, Charlie and Peter — Kelly George
Marlene Gale Kelly, who was no doubt greeted by a chorus of beloved cats as she passed through heaven’s gates — Jenna Rosenberg
Matthew Sartorio who loved all the kitties — Laurie Sartorio
Max who I miss so much — Anonymous
Mig 17, the sweetest, smartest most loved black cat (Joy & Don Wander) — Inez Albrecht
Mimi Black Penchansky — Deena Cohen
Misty — Anonymous
Mouzey — Mark & Jane Heille
Mr Tuffy — Elizabeth Danielson
Muff, Alfie, Gretchen, Lily & Anna — Judith Van Dyne
Oreo (Greg & Luana Campbell) — Laurel Campbell
Oreo, Milo & Zoey (Matt and Kristi Ruud ) Honor our two new kitty siblings Milo & Joey and their older sister Oreo — Gary & Karen Ruud
Ozzie Lavey and his cat Sascha — Kathleen Lavey
Pancho, who lived in your shelter for years — Sara Barsel
Paulette and Susan Thompson — Jeanne Bouchard
Penny 9/11/16 — Elizabeth Harry
Penny, and honor Liz and Scott — Anonymous
Petey — Bonnie Porte
Rambo, Rica, Beijing, Scooter and Angel — Debra Krook
Randy Killian — Julie Greenwood & Larry Werner
Robert S Anderson — James Booth
Robert Schroeder — Trudy Schroeder
Rocky — Linda Mike
Ruth A Krueger — Nancy Vezner
Ruth A Krueger — Katherine Schilling
Sammy Wells, a cat’s cat — Katherine Blauvelt
Sansa, and for our current buddies Lamby, Mr. Puddles, Neville and Cora — Peter Berry
Scout — Anonymous
Serenity — Melissa Anacker
Simon — Jill Mitchel
Sirius — Richard Mann
Smokey — Joan Carvalho
Snick (Carol Shafer) — Edward Shafer
Soho Saad Howell, one of a kind — Angela Howell
Sophy & Kit — Carol & Robert Burmaster
Spotless — Norma Lechtman
Stanley, who came from Feline Rescue in January 2001 and recently passed away — Emily McDowell
Susan Zanish — DeeAnn Thompson
Sweetie Pie — Kathleen Larkin
Teaze & Simon — Chuck & Sally Cleland
Teddy, Alice and Woody — Mary Mason
Tigger (Gina Manthey) — Debra Fenner
Toby Storlien — Anonymous
Toby Storlien — Diane Storlien
Toby Storlien — Timothy Storlien
Topanga — Gordon Campbell
Twinkie — John & Anne-Marie Major
Wheezy (Yvonne Duperon & Larry Quinn) — Nancy Hansen
Woody, our Feline Rescue kitty — Julianne Moore
Zimmper (Alli Grise) — Eileen Halloway


Agatha — Todd Nielsen
Agnes A. Olson — Darlene Belisle
Alex — Jasmine Wenner
Alexa — Jordan Peterson
Alison Larson — Cortney Larson
All rescue workers who face the emotional challenges of rescue work daily — Susan Sedro
Allison Phillips — Donald Phillips
Anne Lawrence & Ryan O’Rourke — Ruth Lawrence
Archie adopted April 2013 — Karen Stauber
Baskerville (Gage) — Eric Ostermeier
Batman — Scott Peterson & Christine Larsen
Becca Norris — Jane Eastwoos
Ben Hecker — Stacy Allan
Beth Fahrmann, in memory of Smudge & Zoie — Jerome Fahrmann
Betty Ludden — Beth Smeby
Bill and Ruth Minish — Roberta Moeschter
Billy Moon Pie — Wallace Earl
Blackie & Gracie — Heidi Huber
Boots — Marilyn Petrich
Bruno & Amelia (Robyn & Fred Stoller) — Mary Petrisko
Bucky (formerly Hawkeye) — Sara Eisenhauer
Buddy — Carol Peterson
Butternut — Ann D’Ambrosio
Buzz, Butters, Belle and Booger, our beautiful babies — Robert and Nancy Kjellberg
Carianne — Karen Mantoan
Catalina Root — Anne Ursu
Chaos, Charlie, Olive, and Filbert — Anna Deutsch
Charles — Mary Mason
Charles Joseph Gillette — Maris Gillette
Chester, Cleo and Bandit — Terra Walker
Chester, Rufus, Oscar, Nigel, Howard, & Sis — Kate McGough
Chi Chi — Samantha Ross
Chris Rita and Gavin Petroskas — Linda Koelman
Colin Ward — Holly Fistler
Curie, my foster cat — Dana Andresen
Deb Haws — Franklin Haws
Deidra Dallas and Alfie — Virginia Hansen
Diane Bystrom & Marian Quinn — Sherri Holtke
Dinah Dew (Kirsten Ingerson & Charlie Pinto) — Diane Smith
Django — Bonny Hunt
Don, Merodie & Sam Johnson — Andrea Johnson
Dr. Trombley and staff at Highland Animal Hospital for all the kind and compassionate care provided to Lizzie and Katie Haws — Jane Haws
Dusty — Julie OConnor
Eli Callet – best cat ever! — Barbara Ann Callet
Fievel my beloved furry friend — Anonymous
Flynn — Rick Johnston
Foster program — Amanda Dwyer
FR Volunteers! — Christine Woods
Gary and Nancy Schaefer — Tammy Lynn Schaefer
Go Go (formerly Chadwick) — Mona Pougiales
Grandma Pat’s cats — Karin McGowan
Hank, formerly at Feline Rescue — Jon Wagner
Heidi Huber, a wonderful sister and caring advocate for animals everywhere — Craig Huber
J.C. Dahlstom — Gail Dahlstrom
James & Yvonne Forsythe — McNeil & Mary Seymour
Janelle Beitz — Joelle Murray
Jenn Mann — Julia Janousek
Jill McCallion — CatsAway Graphic Design, Inc. Donation
Jim and Rachelle Judson — Anonymous
Jim McRae — Anonymous
Joe Bell — Kathleen Burzycki
Julie Koegl, the original cat whisperer — Julianne Moore
Kaitlin Randolph, Feline Rescue Volunteer! — Elissa Mann
Karen Kitchen — Quinn Kitchen miller
Kay Phillies and memory Memphis — Darlene Young
Kiki & Jez, memory Taylor — Chante Wolf
Kitty Brainard — Barry Brainard
Lady Slipper — Sarah Langdon
Larry Werner & Julie Greenwod — Nancy & James Azarski
LC Ramirez — Coren Ramirez
Leo and Lady class of 2013 — Jennifer Hanson
Leo, our little furball — Laura Joyce
Liam (Oscar Wilde) and Seersha (Marbella) former Feline Rescue foster cats — Rebecca Zins
Libby — Sarah Langdon
Lila — Megan McCaskey
Lindsay Merkwae — Anonymous
Lindsay Merkwae — Michael Merkwae
Linus Keerbs — Donald Curtis
Lisa Gower — Franklin Haws
Lois Guay — Maureen Guay
Luna and Kingsley — Kathryn Hamann
Madelyn Bronson — Hailey Bronson
Mandy Dwyer, foster mom — Kathleen Posus
Mandy Dwyer, foster mom — Kristin Wood
Marina Yoder and Evan Hall — Bruce Yoder
Martha the cat — Aimee Edwin
Mathilda — Edith Kadlec
Matthew Haas — Claudia Haas Donation
Max Justrunknit of the “Stockinette Zombies” — Jessica Dziezynski
Michael Corliss — Steven Muenzer
Micky, Jimi and Gus — John Zimmerman
Milhouse — Justin Singleton
Milton, adopted from Feline Rescue — Beth Spencewood
Missy Louise Mayhem — Larry Walter
Moe — Mike Holtz
Molly — Jeromr Sturgeleski
Molly, Myau, Noah and Elijah — Laura Young
Morgan Eiken who misses her furry little friends — Brian Eiken Donation
Munchkin & Missy (Joy Osborn) — Dorene Bruns
Murphy — Kimberly Guyer
My grandma, and my cat, Sansa — Peter Berry
Naomi — Dawn DeMulling
Neuman and Reverent — Francine Schaefer
Olivia and Elliott — Katherine Masson
Pat and Christine Woods — Penny Myers
Paula Pedersen — John Peterson
Peter Coppersmith — Carol Coppersmith
Pippi — Marilyn Wahlstrom
Poochie — Michael Neri
Raj & Mali — Nancy Johnson
Ren, Ben, Len and Sven — Gibson Batch
Rio, my beautiful tabby adopted from Feline Rescue in 2004 — Jennifer Buechler
Robert H. Williams — Julee K Taylor
Roberta Derrickson — Rachelle Wood
Robin Clewis — Sharon Haller
Rubin — Joan Sirotiak
Rudy the flying kitty — Joan Gacki
Ruth Just — Tracy Just
Sabrina Winkleman — Kristin Powell
Sadie, aka Satin — Leone Ledin
Sandy Bauer — ronald wold
Sarah Moore and all the Feline Rescue volunteers — Julianne Moore
Sarah Striegel — Anonymous
Sasha and Sophia — Barbara Chirinos
Sassy — Julie Kuzj
Serrianna Likness Lindemann — Kimberly Jorgenson Donation
Sherry’s Brother — Anonymous
Sidney — Clarice & Charles Gudmunson
Snickers and Miss Django — Kelli Schroeder
Solange, and memory Gus — Gail Maxe
Spyder & Sassy — Donna Johnson
Squarehead — Paul Wiltse
Stormy — Peter Stachowicz
Strudel — Jo Tennison
Tallulah Dogwill — Jacqueline Higuchi
Timothy Amstutz — Dawn Perault
Tina’s 16th birthday — Dale Sorenson
Tracy Faville — Barbara Faville Donation
Twinkletoes — Susan Dowd
Vicky from MACC — Rachel Budach
Victor — Jeff Gillmore
Vivi, adopted thru Feline Rescue — Dionne LaPlante
Vivienne Sage – adopted via Feline Rescue! — Caron Porthan
Wally — Linda Kosfeld
Wilson (aka Garnett) — Cindy Papenheim
Xeno, Eli, Tabby, Oreo, Milo, Zoey, and Bunsen — Karen Ruud

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