Give to the Max Day

Give to the Max and Give to the Cats!

Give to the Max and Give to the Cats

Give to the Max Day is just around the corner! GiveMN hosts this annual giving day and links donors with organizations like Feline Rescue that are working to make Minnesota a better place.

Scheduled Giving
Effective November 1, 2017, at 12:00 a.m., donors may schedule their gifts through to count toward Give to the Max Day. Scheduled gifts will be transacted in real-time at the time the gift is made by the donor. Scheduled gifts will be counted toward Give to the Max Day Leaderboards, prize incentives, and giving day totals.

2017 brought a strategic plan process to Feline Rescue. Within this plan is a priority to establish onsite veterinary care. This process will ensure priority care for our cats, maximize efficiency of resources, ensure timely care for new intakes, help to reduce length of stay, and minimize the stress of travel to an offsite veterinary partner clinic. For the current cost of veterinary services and supplies, we will be able to hire a veterinarian, a certified veterinary technician and send cats to veterinary partners for procedures we are not equipped to perform.

Give to the Max and Give to the Cats is our Feline Rescue theme for the 2017 Give to the Max Day. By donating to Feline Rescue on this Give to the Max Day, you help Feline Rescue fund exam space for our three programs. In addition to reworking our space, the equipment and supplies we will need include:

Exam table (3)
Microscope (1)
Otoscope/ophthalmoscope (3)
Dedicated refrigerator (2)
Universal microchip scanner (2)
Closed supply containers (15-20)
Woods lamp (2)
Secure storage for controlled medications (2)

These items along with additional supplies will allow Feline Rescue to provide onsite veterinary care and eliminate a significant amount of stress and time waiting to be scheduled for off-site veterinary appointments.

Thank you for your support of Give to the Max and Give to the Cats!

We appreciate your continued support!

Your donation on Give to the Max Day also could help Feline Rescue receive an additional donation of $1,000. How? On November 16, every gift made on will be entered into an hourly drawing for a $1,000 GiveMN Golden Ticket to be awarded to a nonprofit organization. Your gift of $10 or more could instantly turn into an extra $1,000! Here’s the really exciting part: Two donations made on during the Give to the Max Day campaign will be randomly selected to receive a $10,000 Super-Sized GiveMN Golden Ticket!  The more gifts we generate on during Give to the Max Day, the more our chances increase to receive that additional $10,000 donation. Imagine how many more cats we can save with $10,000!

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