Holiday Sale!

Feline Rescue’s annual Holiday Sale will be held on Saturday, December 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the space behind the Adoption Center located at 593 Fairview Ave. N, St. Paul.

Cat themed items, holiday items, knick-knacks, baked goods, and more! Feline Rescue apparel blow out! We accept cash, credit and check.

We are accepting donations of handmade holiday, craft or cat themed items at the adoption center now through 8 p.m. Monday, November 27th.

  • Donations may be dropped off during Feline Rescue shelter hours.
  • Please include a note identifying your donation as HOLIDAY SALE DONATION.
  • Please include donor name and contact information.

Feline Rescue is adding a Bake Sale to the Holiday Sale this year so show our supporters your baking skills!

  • Donations may be dropped off at the west side of the Feline Rescue shelter building (in the holiday sale space) on Friday, December 1st between 12pm to 6pm.
  • Please note the following Standards/Guidelines apply to baked goods donated for the Holiday Sale:
    • We cannot accept food which requires refrigeration. This includes: cream-filled pastries, eclairs, cream pies, etc.
    • Bars,  cookies, breads, cakes, pies, and doughnuts are acceptable bake sale items.
    • We cannot accept donations in which frosting or other toppings were applied after the baking process.
    • All bake sale items shall be individually wrapped at the original point of preparation.
      • If bars and cookies are to be sold individually or in groupings they must be placed in Ziplock bags, disposable Tupperware, or other wrapping prior to delivery of donation.
      • Pies and cakes may be donated to be sold as a whole rather than individually wrapped pieces.
    • Bake sale items shall be transported in a covered, dust-proof container and brought the day before the sale on Friday December 1st.

For questions about donating items or if would like to help with staffing the sale, please contact Alice at


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