Meow Match for Medical Miracles 2017

Medical Miracles…caring with purr-pose!

At Feline Rescue, we put forth every effort and resource to treat the cats fortunate enough to become ‘our’ cats. Each cat’s safety and well-being are as important as our own and we will use every resource in our power to help a sick or injured kitty. We operate as a no-kill rescue assuring each cat the opportunity for healthy and happy (nine) lives. Feline Rescue is a volunteer based organization that is funded exclusively through donations and grants. The Meow Match for Medical Miracles Fund (4M Fund) helps these felines receive the professional medical care they need to heal and find their forever homes. This year a very generous anonymous donor has offered a $5,000 match for the first $5,000 raised to start our campaign!

Shiva - 4 MIt’s possible to create hope from hopelessness.  Here is a cat tale that shows just what compassion and tenacity can accomplish.  Shiva the cat was found alone in a barn at two months old. It was immediately apparent to the woman who found her that she needed medical attention. Both of Shiva’s eyes had ruptured and were oozing fluids and blood due to a horrific eye infection. Shiva was brought to Feline Rescue and seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist. The prognosis was not good. One of her eyes had completely lost vision and he feared her eyes might need to be removed or sewn shut.
Yet, still, there was hope…

The 4M Fund is allocated to Feline Rescue’s Foster, Outreach, and Shelter (Adoption Center) programs, and our program directors determine the use of these special funds. Your generous donation to the 4M Fund can help furry kitties like Shiva and others who you will see when you visit our website or Facebook page in August and September. Tune in for our Saturday Success Stories during this time period. We hope these stories and kitties make your heart purr like they do ours.

Shiva…Every two hours, every day, for several weeks, Shiva was given eye drops to help lubricate her eyes while they healed. Then, for several more weeks after that, four times a day, she received her drops. After two months of treatment, Shiva’s eyes miraculously healed. Not only will she keep her eyes as they are now, but she has also regained some sight in one eye.

In 2016 the 4M Fund helped 82 lucky cats like Shiva receive medical care. We hope this number only continues to grow, because we know the number of feline friends in need also increases.

The cats gave us a deadline of September 16, 2017.
Donate online via PayPal or Network for Good, be sure to designate that your donation is for Meow Match.

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