Meow Match Medical Miracle Fund


Feline Rescue’s Medical Miracles Fund helps cats who come to us injured or ill – and who want to live all nine of their lives.

Corky, one of last year’s Medical Miracle poster cats who arrived with a broken leg, wants to introduce 2014’s Miracle Cats, Nadya, the world’s best Mom, and Shortstop, the world’s best ballplayer. Nadya arrived very pregnant and with FIV. Then she adopted orphans. Here’s Nadya with her kittens:


And this is the charming, playful Shortstop who arrived with spinal cord damage inflicted by a human:


To read their stories and donate online, go to our Meow Match Razoo Fundraiser (Please ignore GiveMN information on the donation page; not applicable.)

To read their stories and donate by mail, download and print the Meow Match Donation Form

To donate online via PayPal or Network for Good, got to our Donate Now page. Be sure to designate that your donation is for Meow Match.

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