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Feline Rescue thinks the best way for you to get a feel for the work of the organization and it’s many dedicated volunteers is by letting our adopters (and their cats!) tell their own success stories. 

Today we hear from Taormina (now Beatris), who was adopted by Kathleen in September 2015!


Beatris Taormina here. I was called Taormina, which is a beautiful mysterious name, while I was at Feline Rescue. But six weeks ago I moved to a new forever home and my new human poppa is unable to say Taormina. He comes out with words like “terminal” which I do not think funny. So we agreed that I would be called Beatris, Bea for short. It means ‘blessed’ which is very appropriate because I was living outdoors then was found and brought to Feline Rescue by kind people. Now I have a home of my own.

Well, almost of my own. In addition to the two humans there are some dogs and another cat. The dogs do not go in my part of the house. They are snuffly and noisy and not serene, but I do not dislike them. They are where they are. The other cat, whose name is Isobel, I am not so sure about. She is older and she seems territorial about the Large Soft Area where she sleeps most of the time. So I have a smaller Soft Area to sleep on. I also have numerous windowsills to sit in the sun and watch the birds. Lots of birds out there. They would be good to eat, but I am an indoor cat now. I have a purple collar that complements my calico coat.


I saw a man called Dr W last week, who said I was a bit fat. I was insulted and bit him on the arm. He did mention how beautiful my calico coat is, which is good that he recognized my superiority. He poked me and I felt a bit sick from the shot but now I am all right.

My people have made me a scratching post. It is lovely. It’s behind my favorite chair. My female human has gone outside and found catnip for me, which smells so nice.


The food at this house is remarkably good. The female human, who seems to be some sort of servant, is up at 5:30 and brings me a dish of canned food. This is acceptable. She tidies up and cleans the litterboxes (there are five) every day, and washes the dishes and sweeps and so on. Then she is gone during the day and the male human amuses me. The servant also brings me chow in the evening. The chow is excellent, including the kind I had before but also some other kinds. It is mixed, so I pick out the kind I like best first then eat the rest later. I also eat the breakfast of the male human. This morning I had croissants that I took off the table. Usually the male human and I have bacon and eggs, then work on the computer. I am very good at the computer although the keyboard is not as nice a place to sit as the lap.

The female human seems obsessive about brushing me and the Other Cat. She does so every day, and I am getting used to it. She also knows how to use the laser and the cat dancer, and will work very hard to amuse me. This is good. I like this house.

Yours most kindly,


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3 comments on “Alumni News – Taormina
  1. Margaret Owen Thorpe says:

    You know what, Beatris? I kind of got the feeling, way back when I interviewed you at Feline Rescue, that your true name might be Beatris! Glad that you figured it out and told your people. You look so happy, and the humans at Feline Rescue are happy for you. Psst: – it’s OK to be a little bit pudgy. It’s also OK to bite people who mention it. I would! A couple of hugs for you, Miss Beatris!

  2. SareBear says:

    Lovely post, Bea! So happy you’re enjoying your servant(s). 😉

  3. Kathleen Cameron says:

    Hello, everyone. Beatris here again. Just an update on how I have conquered my new home. I have conquered the downstairs, and am in negotiation with the Other Cat Isobel, who is the Queen of Upstairs. We hiss at each other but will be working things out; it has only been six months. I have discovered that the dogs throw a lot of heat. They are good to sleep on, or at least the smaller brindle one is. The biggest one objected rather loudly to being walked on, but that was a day when I had not yet had my nails done. I get my nails done weekly. I have changed coat colors somewhat: my dark spots are darker and my orange parts are redder. So I am even more beautiful. I am pleased with my people. They sit so that I have a lap most of the time, and they have found fresh-grown catnip for me. All is well!

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