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Feline Rescue thinks the best way for you to get a feel for the work of the organization and its many dedicated volunteers is by letting our adopters (and their cats!) tell their own success stories.

Today we hear from Arriana who adopted Basil in February.

After a first few days of feeling a little shy and hiding in my closet, Basil has now fully adapted to his new home.


He now runs around the house freely, enjoys lounging in front of our windows and watching the outside world, plays happily and enjoys snuggling with me in bed while I sleep. He likes my two housemates and follows us around everywhere. Whenever anyone goes to the bathroom he sits in front of the door meowing until we come out.


He loves sitting on my lap while I do homework. He also likes making me take study breaks by sitting on my books!


He is a sweet, smart, wonderful cat and I feel very lucky to have him in my life. He has brought lots of joy to me and my housemates. He also has a long list of admirers at my college and students come over to meet him all the time.

Sincerely,  Arianna

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