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Meow Match Medical Miracle Fund


Feline Rescue’s Medical Miracles Fund helps cats who come to us injured or ill – and who want to live all nine of their lives. Corky, one of last year’s Medical Miracle poster cats who arrived with a broken leg,

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I Am the Reason

Miss Electra Finds Human Makes Good Bed - At Shelter

I am the reason for Feline Rescue. I am Miss Electra. I’m almost two years old. I need all nine lives because I have so much to sniff and poke and enjoy. I am the reason for Feline Rescue. I’m

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East Side Story


The East Side of Saint Paul, Minnesota is gritty. Its houses are old working class. Its workers don’t work much since the brewery, Whirlpool, and a 3M plant closed. The old-timers call it The Mining. The new-timers come from elsewhere.

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No Way Out

Outdoor Cat At Abandoned Foreclosed Property Gets Meal From Feline Rescue

I clawed through the wallpaper – a wall behind it. Two friends tore through a screen but couldn’t get through the window. My cousin pulled down a drape. Trapped. No way out. Hungry, hungry – and scared. Very scared. I

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Weather Cooperated for Fabulous Feral Cat House Challenge!


Feline Rescue’s Fabulous Feral Cat House Challenge and Food Drive on Sunday, October 27, honored feral cats as they should be honored. People brought several different styles of warm winter houses, including one that people without carpentry skills can buy.

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Stephan’s Kittens


Playful, but shy little Stefan has learned to trust people again thanks to his foster mom and newly rescued friends Sybil, Tommy and Lord Grantham. Learn more »

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