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Our Foster Program

Feline Rescue, Inc. began offering foster services at its inception in 1997. Expectant mother cats, those with nursing kittens, injured and chronically ill cats need extra TLC that can best be provided in a home environment. Over time, the foster network has grown to provide a safe environment for over 150 cats and kittens at any given time.

The goal of our Foster Program is to provide shelter, care, and adoption opportunities for cats who do not do well in a shelter environment, including mother cats and their offspring; injured cats; cats with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes; frail and/or elderly cats.

Q. Why is there a need for a foster program?

A. Though Feline Rescue, Inc. has a shelter, there is always a need for foster homes for pregnant cats, abandoned kittens, special needs cats (including those with Feline Leukemia) and those recovering from injuries or surgery. Foster care allows the cats/kittens to become acclimated in a loving home environment where they are nurtured and cared for until ready for adoption.

Q. How do I find out more about the program? How do I sign up?

A. The Foster Program Director can further explain the program and be a resource to you throughout your fostering. The Foster Program Director can be contacted by phone at (612) 443-7106 or e-mail at After completing an application and if approved, a contract is signed agreeing to terms for fostering. To apply online to volunteer as a Foster Caregiver, please complete and submit our online Foster Caregiver Application Form. You may also apply on paper by downloading the Foster Caregiver Application and mailing it to: Feline Rescue, Inc., Attn: Foster Program Director, 593 Fairview Avenue N., Saint Paul, MN 55104.

Q. How much time is involved with fostering?

A. This depends on the needs of the individual cat/kitten. Many of the cats need minimum medical care but because of certain circumstances find themselves in foster care. So good food, regular attention and lots of love may be all that is required before they are ready for adoption in a relatively short time. Depending on the age of the kittens or in the case of a pregnant or nursing cat with kittens, they may require more time in a foster home, as do cats requiring any type of treatment or medication. In some instances socialization may take longer for some cats/kittens. Also there are cats in need of permanent foster care. Most people work full time and still are able to foster.

Q. What qualifications are required to foster?

  • Love and concern for the cats/kittens
  • All adults in the household must agree to the foster arrangement, and agree to Feline Rescue’s policies
  • Willingness and ability to work with the foster coordinator while caring for the cats/kittens in the home and during the adoption process
  • Time and desire to interact with cats/kittens
  • Provide food, water, and medication (if necessary)
  • A clean and safe living environment and daily care and attention
  • Other animals in the home must be current on all vaccinations
  • For at least an initial period of time, foster cats/kittens should be kept apart from the foster caretaker’s pets; preferably in a separate area. Due to a mom cat’s instinctive need to protect its young ones, a pregnant or nursing cat must always be kept safely away from other pets

Q. What are the responsibilities of the foster caretaker?

  • Aid in the care and socialization of sick, injured or very young cats and kittens.
  • Be attuned to changes with the cat and any illness and relate that information to the foster coordinator.
  • Spend time socializing on a daily basis with the foster cat/kittens.
  • Provide food, water, litter and other necessities. Most of the food has been donated and is available for the foster cats/kittens; in addition, the cost of medical care (if approved before hand) is covered by Feline Rescue.
  • Medicate the cat/kitten, if necessary under the guidance of the foster coordinator; take to designated veterinarian if required and approved to do so.
  • Be willing and able to transport the cat/kitten to veterinarian appointments in a secure carrier.
  • Allow potential adopters to view the cat/kitten in your home environment

Q. What is involved in the adoption process?

A. When it is determined the cat/kitten is ready for adoption, a foster adoption facilitator will interview potential adopters by phone. After a verbal interview, potential adopters will complete an application and if approved, sign a contract agreeing to the terms and conditions of the adoption.

In addition, information and photos should be completed by the foster caregiver so that the cat’s/kitten’s profile and photo can be posted online when ready for adoption.

Q. Where can I get additional information?

A. Please contact the Foster Program Director at (612) 443-7106 for additional details or e-mail

2 comments on “Foster Care FAQ
  1. Sarah Denzer says:

    Is there anyway to find names of local foster families? My husband and I brought home an abandoned Mama kitty and her two babies. We are keeping one of the babies but need to find homes or a foster for Mama and Trixie. We’d love to keep them all, but we can’t have 6 cats!

    • Thank you for rescuing this family and caring for them. To contact our volunteer Foster Intake Coordinator who manages the intake of injured cats, pregnant cats, and kittens, please call 651-642-5900 ext. 7 to leave a message with information about them.

      The following link has a list of other rescue organizations. You may want to contact multiple rescues to get Mama and Trixie on a number of waiting lists and increase the chances of being taken in by a no kill rescue.
      No Kill Rescue Resources

      It can take awhile to get cats into a rescue organization because of long waiting lists. In the meantime you can contact the organizations (including our outreach program) also listed in the link above to get them spayed. Our outreach volunteers may also be able to post them online for adoption as courtesy posts. If you are interested, please send photos and information to

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